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With the Whatsapp Broadcast List feature, you can send a message to several of your contacts at once. Broadcast Lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages to, without having to select them each time.

WhatsApp Broadcasting and your Advantages!!

An efficient way to distribute newsletters via WhatsApp services. The Techworm Solutions customer interface offers a convenient and centralised newsletter management. Reach your subscribers with precise targeting and evaluate your messenger marketing effectivity with statistical data. 

WhatsApp broadcast means to transmit a message to multiple contacts. So, to send a broadcast, a broadcast list is created that allows you to send a text to many people at a go. Suppose you are a business owner who regularly wants to promote their products or an individual who wants to send a festival greeting to multiple contacts or an HR who regularly needs to inform the employees about the developments in the office, for this you don’t need to send an individual message to everybody nor do you need to create a group. This is where broadcast lists come into the action.

In the interest of the sender, it’s quite helpful for them as it saves a lot of time since the sender doesn’t have to message the contacts individually. As a boon to the receivers, their privacy is maintained with the broadcast lists, since the WhatsApp number is only known to the sender of the broadcast, and not to the entire broadcast list unlike WhatsApp groups, where every member can see the number.

Why are Messenger services so effective for the sending of Newsletters?

  • Opening Rates of 95%

95% of all newsletters are opened.

  • Click Through Rates up to 80%

No other channel achieves such high click rates. Our customers achieve CTRs up to 25% on average.

  • Real Time

All newsletters will be delivered within minutes.

  • Always Reachable Subscribers

Distributing content via messenger services make you independent of algorithms – you can reach all your subscribers, any time!

  • Innovative

Differentiate your company with messengers as a new and innovative channel for customer communication.

  • Strongest Connection

Customer communication in the most secure channel builds reliable connections.

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Rs. 1,999/- 
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  • Daily broadcasting 500 Recievers.


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  • Daily broadcasting 1,000 Recievers.


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Month (All Inclusive Fees)

  • Daily broadcasting 5,000 Recievers.

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